(God Gave Gifts)

God Gave Gifts started in the year 2003 in an old church garage in Adelina subdivision.  Pastor Sydney T. Herrera, the founder, together with few of his friends, noticed that some kids already stopped attending DVBSs (Daily Vacation Bible Schools) because of certain reasons; mainly because some find it “uncool” because they are already becoming teenagers. So, they decided to host a free music workshop every summer wherein preteens or kids 9 years old and above can find or showcase their talents and at the same time, use it for the ministry of God in the future. G3 is an organization wherein every summer of every year, they gather and teach students music and worship towards God for free. The lessons they offer are voice, guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, and sometimes dance, ukulele, and violin.  People ask them why host a music workshop for free when most musical sessions or trainings could cost a lot of budget. But the wisdom from the Lord is what they hold on for their answer. They were encouraged by the verse Matthew 25:23 “that if you’ve been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of greater things.” Most of them were budding musicians back then, so, their belief is that the more they use their talents for the Lord, the more the Lord will bless them and let them grow to the ministry or ministries they were entrusted with. With that, God gave them new students every year which paved a way for a larger and wider ministry by helping other churches in terms of their music ministry and the problems that may arise inside the ministry itself. The G3 team prepares and equips their students not only for musical knowledge, but also for spiritual wisdom and commitment towards the ministry of God. Before, most music teachers of G3 were still not equipped with the music instruments they were teaching. But because they were entrusted by the Lord with their God-given talents, they worked hard to learn new things and so their talents were blessed by God. Now, some of them teach in International music schools, some know more than three musical instruments, and some truly became expert at the instrument they are handling. Truly, when you have been faithful with a few talents, God will bless you more because He knows you can handle many things now. It started out in a small church garage, but today, God brings them to different places in the Philippines to further develop the ministry.


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Adelina III Subdivision

Binan, Laguna, Philippines 

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