“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham

Life is one huge race, but the question is this:

Have you ever run a race, but never know what waits after the finish line?

We live in a world where we keep on running and running from things, but we never know where we are truly heading. This is why there are some people who consider themselves as “lost”, but are they really? Or they just chose to be lost? Or maybe, they just don’t know where to go, that’s why some humans give up. They give up their principles, their values, their families, the things they fought for before, and sometimes, they get affected by the smallest details, which leads them to give up the race in this secular life.

My friends, in this world, we are always in a run in so many aspects. But there is this one race we should prepare ourselves for. This race is different from marathons or whatever race you call it. This race’s prize is worth winning; and that is the race towards God’s presence.

Who wouldn’t want to win this Race?

We, Christians weren’t born to be mediocre Christians. God wants us to stand out. To win that prize, we must run. We must not simply sit on our chairs listening to different sermons every week but never really serving our God. I understand that there are negative thoughts like “Who am I to be called by God?” or “I cannot do this or that because I am not equipped as our leaders in church.” But guess what? There are no pessimistic winners. Nobody ever won without taking a step of faith. You want to win that race? Start running, my friend.

For one to win the race, one must give up something. YES! YOU MUST GIVE UP, but not the race, give up those that hinder you the race.

This includes your pet sins. (Hebrews 12:1) Those “sins” you never know that are really sins, those sins that you had way back when you were younger and even now you still have them, & those pet sins that you can’t let go off because you were already used in taking care of them, and now, they are constantly growing because you keep on feeding them. Sometimes, these little pet sins grow big. Funny thing is, these can even grow BIGGER than YOU.

Let us be more specific. These “pet sins” can be your VICES, your LIES, your EXCUSES, and even your LIFESTYLE.

Pets are great companions, but make sure these “pets” aren’t hindering your relationship with God.

For one to win the race, one must not be lazy.

That’s right, youth, one must NOT be lazy. You are not born to be idle. God does not want you to stay in your comfort zone just because you are “too tired” or should I say “too lazy” to serve Him. There are no winners that won the race from just walking. If you want to win, run with passion, with great desire, and will full willingness.

And lastly, for one to win the race, one must give up his/her pride. Let’s say you stumbled and fell. Are you going to react like a little kid because you were embarrassed in front of many people or are you going to choke your pride, stand up, and run again?

You see, this race is not a drill, a warmup, or any race that involves this temporary world. This race does not only call for one winner, it calls out for everyone to be winners.

My friends, one must possess a winner’s heart to win. We are called by God to win. One must look at the FINISHER of our faith, and that is Jesus Christ.


Running is another thing.

Thus, winning is as well.

Scripture reading: 1 corinthians 9:23-27

Speaker: Pastor Mon Herrera

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