Even Jesus was rejected!

Evangelism should always be the twin of Christians. But why do some Christians are so afraid of sharing His words? Some of us have loads of reasons why not and that includes phrases like: “Because I don’t know what to say.” “I want to share when we’re already close.” “They wouldn’t listen.” Or “Because evangelism isn’t my spiritual gift.”

We probably have more reasons why we shouldn’t but it is God’s great commandment that we must share the Good News. And here 7 reasons why we should:

  1. It is by the power of God that people are saved.

And by that, we gain our life testimonies; on how we met God and how He turned our tests into testimonies & our messes into messages! Through His power, we are saved, and we shouldn’t be selfish with that salvation; other people need saving too, and they will only attain that if we, Christians, share His words.

2. You gain deeper understanding with Jesus Christ.

By this, you get to know Jesus Christ more. You get to reflect all the things He did for you! He will reveal a lot of things to you that you might not know of today. Soon, as you are fulfilling His commandment, He will make you realize and know the answers to all the why’s in your life.

3. Even Jesus was rejected.

So do not be afraid to be rejected! Even Jesus was rejected; who are we to be accepted all the time? This world is full of critics and there are endless criticisms. Even Jesus was criticized, but those didn’t hinder Him to fulfill His mission in this world. And we should be like that. Because as Christians, we should be imitators of Christ. Remember, if you get rejected, it’s their loss. Why? Because they rejected the opportunity to be in heaven, to be with God, and to be saved.

4. When we are rejected, we are promised heavenly rewards.

Even if we are rejected, there are rewards in Heaven! If you share His word to someone, and that person comes to Christ, it is an obvious win. If they seem interested, you planted seeds on them that God would water in the future! If you get rejected utterly, you’ll still be rewarded in Heaven for your riches will be sowed there as you reap here in this world.

So why be afraid?

5. The Holy Spirit will give you words.

What better leading is there than the leading that comes from the Lord? The Holy Spirit is there and will give you the right words to say. So don’t worry about stuttering or not having an idea on what to share.

6. Our job is to plant seeds and water the soil.

Sharing His words to someone you know or may not know is planting seeds already. Guiding, helping, and checking up on them is watering the soil. Soon, when they’re all set and had already built the foundation they should have on their own to face the challenges of this Christian life, you’ll see what the fruit will be; their faith.

7. God will go with you.

He will never leave you.

So again, why be afraid? You got all the reasons you need to evangelize! Plus, you’re already winners, even if people reject you.

Speaker: Bro. Jay Maravilla

Scripture reading: Matthew 28:19-20

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