Do you know an obedient man by the name of Abraham?

Abraham was known as an obedient servant of God. He was sent by God to go to places to do things that God needed him to do. He was a simple man and he prayed to have a child of his own even though he thought that it was too impossible because his wife was old and barren. But because of his obedience and loyalty to God for many years, God’s favor was given to him; he had a son named Isaac.

One day, he was challenged by God to offer his son as a burnt offering (Genesis 22). The son that he was praying to have for so many years was about to be taken by God again for a purpose that Abraham didn’t know. But Abraham DID NOT COMPLAIN. And he followed God’s order.

The first point that God is trying to let us see here is:

  1. There is test in obedience

There will always be pain in obedience. Abraham got up in the morning because God commanded him to get up in the morning and go and offer his son to him. As mentioned in the Bible, Abraham obeyed that first command already; he woke up very early to follow Him. My friends, always remember that LATE OBEDIENCE IS NOT OBEDIENCE AT ALL. Though it was very hard for Abraham, he still trusted God. He didn’t volunteered another child to be offered to God because that’s disobedience. He was in pain, but he chose to obey. Abraham here was obedient to the Lord for 35 year already. God’s will is very mysterious and can even be painful sometimes, but we need to be aware that when we don’t obey & trust Him and when we don’t comply, we will suffer. You will know the reason behind this later on..

2. There is commitment in obedience

If you are committed in obeying God, you should be consistent with it. You’ll know you’re allergic to the word of god when we are stubborn enough to say things like “God will forgive me anyway.” Or “I know that already, I won’t bother anymore.” NO! There is no commitment there already. If you want to be an obedient servant of God, be committed! Remember that when we obey God, we also fear God. If we don’t, we can consider ourselves as rebels. For when we disobey God, it is a way of rebellion.

3. But we need to realize that, there is blessing in obedience.

When you read the whole scripture, an angel of God called out to Abraham and told him not to pursue he’s task to offer his son.

12 ‘Do not lay a hand on the boy,’ he said. ‘Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.’ Genesis 22:12

God just tested Abraham’s obedience. It is only to prove how far Abraham could go just to obey him. But because he trusted God, God didn’t let him suffer.

Pain is inevitable, and so are troubles, challenges, and faith-shakening trials. But even though we are tested, there is blessing.

God blessed Abraham for his obedience. We can be blessed by God too in many aspects of our lives. He will bless us by providing even for our future needs and even for our future trials. But we need to remember,

God will never forsake us. We just need to obey.

Speaker: Ptr. Sydney Herrera

Scripture reading: Genesis 22:1-18

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