The test of worship

"Authentic" It means real or genuine. Meaning, it has the qualities of not being copied or false. One day, a woman proudly walked inside the store of Prada. She confidently went inside the store and looked around happily because she was holding her own bag of Prada. But the alarm went off and the people in authority took her bag because they knew it was fake. She was humiliated because she wasn't aware that she couldn't bring such things inside the store. Like the bag, even worship can be fake. Worship is a reverence or devotion to someone higher. It is the image of love, complete respect, & devotion. It is ascribing someone of worth who is worthy for attention/devotion. And for everybody's information, only God is worthy of worship. We are to worship God not in a way like a dog licks his master's feet, but in a way where we aren't like slaves, rather His children. My friends, worship is not only done in church & a certain time. If our worship is like that, it isn't authentic. It's fake. Worship should a lifestyle. There are five assets of authentic worship. The first one is, authentic worship is submissive. (Gen. 22:3) Abraham showed the characteristic of being submissive as he obeyed the God's command to wake up early in the morning. And so he did. Worship is marked by obedience. The context here is: God's command wasn't easy; in fact, it was very hard. But Abraham didn't hesitate. Even though we encounter hard situations, we must remember that worship should not be about us. It doesn't matter how we look or how weird we are; it's all about Jesus. If it isn't, worshipping Him would be difficult because we are too conscious of what others would have to say when they see us worshipping the Lord. If our worship is authentic, it can manifest through our attendance, tithes, and our daily lives because it is being submissive. Remember, our EVERYDAY LIVES is WHAT MAKES US A CHRISTIAN. The second is, authentic worship should be steadfast. Abraham's life was a mark of authentic worship. Sometimes when we face problems or trials, we often say to ourselves "I don't feel like going to church today." THIS MINDSET DOES NOT QUALIFY AS BEING STEADFAST. If you choose to worship God no matter what situation you are in, that is being steadfast. If you have a problem and you chose to dwell on that more, you are worshipping your problem, & not God. Third is, authentic worship is separated. We aren't excused from all the pains in this world. But we must feed our minds the idea that God wants us to go out of our situations & worship Him. S E P E R A T E yourself from the difficult situation because you will be tempted. If you want your life to be an epitome of how to worship God in a daily basis, you must separate yourself from this world. We are worshipping a God that isn't from here. So why worship Him in a very earthly way? Set aside your feelings. Give Him the worship He deserves. Fourth, authentic worship is sacrificial. David said, "I would not sacrifice something to the Lord that costs me nothing." God commanded Abraham to sacrifice His son (Gen. 22:2) It was probably the most sacrificial sacrifice to Abraham because he prayed to have a child of his own for so many years, only to find out that it will be taken by God again. Sometimes, God takes back answered prayers because it might be the one that hinders you to worship Him. Authentic worship is costly because it costs us sacrifice. Everything that is of value must be placed at the altar. The last on is, authentic worship is SECURE. Though it is sacrificial, worry not, for God will never forsake you! God did not let Abraham sacrifice his son. God just tested Abraham's obedience. And God proved how far Abraham could go just to obey Him. Instead of offering his son, Abraham found a ram and used it as an alternative offering. Authentic worship realizes who God is. Praise cultivates the heart. Always think, "When I worship, I'll be secured." What made all these things possible for Abraham? His availability. Brethrens, let us turn on our worship mode on and never turn it off every again. God bless!

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