Are you tired of being the worst in everything that you do? Or being a failure even at your own plans? Or being a mediocre waiting for something to happen?

Are you sick of being an almost out of everything, in which you are too close to reaching things you want, that you’re almost there, but you never really achieving that state?

There are lots of times where we feel that we are a complete loser or a total disappointment even at our fortes, but let me tell you this my friend, God still want to bring the best in you.

Our lives are planned by God. Your life has already written by the Author of Love. You are a novel waiting to be published. So, there is no one who knows better than your struggles, pains, and happiness better than the One who wrote it. There is nothing in your life right now that God doesn’t know about. You have nothing to hide, even your darkest sides.

“Here is a true statement that should be accepted without question: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and I am the worst of them.” - 1 Timothy 1:15

Isn’t it magnificent? You could be the greatest sinner of all time, but Christ Jesus still saved you. And in addition to that, God wants to bring out the best out of the worst in you. So who are we to reject that offer?

There are three things that God permits us to have when we work together in accordance to His will (of bringing out the best in you).

The first one is, He gives you strength.

Have you ever wondered why your life BEFORE meeting God has been a huge pile of tiring things? You were always exhausted at the end of the day even though you didn’t even know what you did the whole day. This is why. Everything about your life before meeting Christ was all about your own strength, your own plans & your principles. Every effort you let out came from your own humanly strength. But look at what Paul said

“Even though in the past I spoke evil of him and persecuted and insulted him. But God was merciful to me because I did not yet have faith and so did not know what I was doing.” – 1 timothy 1:13

God is merciful. And the moment you meet Him and pursue the life that God has for you, humble yourself, and He will give you strength to conquer any problems or difficult situations in life in a more powerful way (because you’d be fighting them with Him).

The second thing He gives to us is Faith.

Lapiz (2013) said that we Christians are incurable optimists. We tend to see the positive future or positive things despite of the ugly situations or happenings in this cruel world. If we would have faith in God, we will have greater confidence for ourselves, our self-esteems will rise up, and we will have faith even at hard times. By having faith in God, we will not look down upon ourselves as weak or failures, because God is the greatest motivator and He is a perfect inspiration at all times. With that, we will be victorious and we will have confidence in doing the things that we think that are hard for us. Faith is such a powerful source in reaching success. So, if you want to be victorious, have faith in God. Because when you set your eyes on God, you will not see other people’s judgements, criticisms, wrongdoings, etc., that could discourage you or make you feel insecure, but you will the God’s greatness & what He wants for your life.

Lastly, God wants to bring out the best in you by putting you into service.

Why do you think God has strengthened & considered you faithful?

That is because He knows that you will be doing the things that God wants you to do. God couldn’t think of any other servant to do your work than you. God has chosen you for that ministry, for that vocation, for that life. He has put you into service. Out of all people in this world, we are one of the chosen one. Isn’t that special? Isn’t that heartwarming? Isn’t that beautiful?

God has given you strength, faith, & has put you into service. Be the child that God wants you to be. Your insecurities, fears, or anxieties may eat you inside but a thing is for sure; that is not God’s work. You are special and greatly-loved by the Man above. He doesn’t want to see you tripping on your own perceptions. Be humble and let God bring out the best in you.

Maybe it’s time to tell the Lord, “Here I am, and I am ready to serve.”

June 25, 2017

Speaker: Ptr. Sydney Herrera

Scripture reading: 1 timothy 1:1-15

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