Have you ever heard things like “Oh he was a Christian before” or “That guy used to go to church before”?

But does Christianity have an expiration? I don’t think so. Keep in mind that we have a living God. He will never abandon us, so why should we?

Right now, you may be at the peak of your Christian life. Right now, you may have the strongest fire inside of your heart in serving Him. Right now, you may be outrageously growing spiritually. But in this world, you will haves struggles, faith-shakening trials, and tribulations. You will experience the difficulty of being a follower of Christ in the future. Your faith will be tested. You will cry out of confusion whether to give up of not. But NEVER abandon your faith with God. Remember, hell is a destination, but heaven is a choice. So don’t leave your faith. It is what keeps the fire burning. It is what keeps you going.

“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity.” – 1 Timothy 4:12

In order not to get lost or get carried away in this cruel world leading you to abandon your faith, you must practice being an example of Jesus Christ in speech, conduct, love, faith, & purity. Change the flow of this world by being Christ-like. Because if you let this world consume you and your faith, you will be no different with the rest of the people. If you let this world eat you up & let you follow the flow of it, sooner or later, you’d be backsliding from your faith in God. Change the flow. Be a good example in speech, conduct, love, faith, & purity.

You can be an example in speech (or word) by teaching nothing but the truth about God. Nothing will save us but the truth. Remember the day you first met God? You accepted it because at that point, you knew it was the truth. Nothing will ever surpass the truth. So go out into the world, reach others, share His word, ant speak of nothing but the truth, and that is Jesus Christ. Do you know that the way you talk with other people affects their first impression towards you? Ask yourself. How can people see Jesus Christ manifesting in your life if you speak so foolishly or irresponsibly? We should be a great example so that unbelievers will see the Christ living in us. And by that, they, too, would like to be better people because they have seen such a great example of how Jesus Christ can make a person good, smart, and full of love, even at the way they talk and connect with others.

We should also be examples in Spirit. What does mean? Well, in life, things we do can’t be measured. Like when we help others, we shouldn’t be measuring it by how many people you have helped, by how much money you gave, or by how often you do it. It is about how much Spirit you put in doing your actions. In serving the Lord, it doesn’t matter how great you are at singing, dancing, playing the instruments, or by offering. It’s about doing things we cannot do, but we still do because we want the best for God. Our measurement should not be based on the standards of this world; it should be in Spirit. If you do things in Spirit, there is nothing you can’t do for the Lord. Do things out of love & faith.

Thirdly, we can be good examples through faith. If we have faith in God, we should also have faith in our brothers, sisters, friends, and even unbelievers. We should have faith that God still works on their lives, even though their lives look like a mess. We should have faith that they can also change. By having faith in them, we are creating a good relationship with each other. This is a sign of being mature; being able to believe something good will happen even out of a situation that looks impossible. Out in this world, you’ll meet people who don’t have the same amount of faith as yours. Just trust God and have faith in what He will do to people you’d be encountering. Do not give up on your faith, and do not give up on praying for the growth of faith of the people you meet as well.

Lastly, we can be great examples in our purity in body and in mind. Being young, there are many temptations we’ll get to meet. In fact, youths are more prone to temptations. But temptations are worthless if our intentions are pure. Pure heart = pure motives. So, whatever distractions may come our way, we know what is right and what could damage our purity. Purity is not just visible on the outside (the appearances), but it comes from within and is seen in our lives when it is mended in our hearts. Practice pure thoughts and neglect, reject, & rebuke temptations, wrongdoings, desires of the flesh, & satan’s whispers. Be strong and keep the purity that God has given you so that in will manifest in your heart and your life.

We are the living testimonies of Jesus Christ. So we must imitate and live in the likeness of Him.

Speaker: Ptr. Sydney Herrera

Scripture reading: 1 Timothy 4:9-16

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