The Issue:

Anger is an emotion that can have a serious impact on your home life, friendships, and even your walk with God. Biblically speaking, anger in itself is not wrong when it is directed at sin with the right attitude (even God gets angry at sin - Josh. 7:1). But when anger is rooted in a desire for retaliation or getting even, it is wrong. This is selfish, and it boils over from inward frustration and rage, leading to more trouble (Prov. 29:22).

What does the Bible say?


Note what the Bible says about the seriousness of anger:

SUNDAY: James 1:19-20 – _____________________________________ MONDAY: James 3:6-8 – _______________________________________

Note what the Bible says about handling anger:

TUESDAY: Eph. 4:26 – __________________________________________ WEDNESDAY: Eph. 4:31-32 –_____________________________________

Note what the Bible says about being on guard against anger:

THURSDAY: Prov. 22:24-25 – ___________________________________ FRIDAY: Prov. 19:11 – _________________________________________

What should I do?

There will be moments of frustration in life, and there will be times when people do things that offend us. The key is how we handle such things. Inappropriate words and actions to fight back do not please the Lord, nor do they show a trust in God’s sovereign hand over the situation. Fighting back only leads to regretful actions and damaged relationships. Having an attitude of patience and forgiveness, however, shows that we understand God’s patience and forgiveness toward us!

from Mini Bible lessons

Try to answer and share your insights with the devotion for the day... Enjoy your devotion!

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