The formula in fellowship

In fellowship there is a formula which is em^2, one example is porcupine we all know that porcupine have spikes to protect their selves from their enemies. If it is winter or they feel so cold they are going to come close to feeling warm, even though they hit one another because of their spikes it is okay for them at least they help each other to feel warm. This example is like in christian life, sometimes we feel depression or things that makes us feel so down and that's why fellowship is important to us Christians.

The word fellowship came from the Greek word koinonia which means communion, to joint or to participate and there are at least 3 commands in book of Hebrews.

Also let's see what is the meaning of the formula em^2:

1. E stands for "Encourage" (Hebrews 3:12-13)

-The reason why we are gathering it is because we need to encourage one another. Because fellowship is the way of the Lord to encourage our brothers and sisters.

2. M stands for "Motivate"

-In fellowship we are not just going to encourage one another but also we need to motivate also. Sometimes the problem is we are motivated because we know that we are doing this because of the reward after it. As Christians we should show to other people that we are different from them one way of motivating other people is thru showing them to love one another and doing good things. Loving them by showing how our God loves us by caring them or greeting, in doing good things we can show it just simply helping other people like street children we all know that they are doing those things because they really need to earn money to buy some foods in order to survive and to help their family.

3. The last commandment in Hebrews is to "Meet"

-Read (Hebrews 10:25) as we can see word day the letter D is capital. Because it is important to encourage and motivate one another day by day.

It is a command of God to "motivate", "encourage" and "meet" one another everyday and the question is how can we motivate and encourage one another if we are not attending fellowship? God motivates us thru this verses to encourage our self first to build our self confidence to encourage and motivate our brothers and sisters.

Speaker: Rev. Pastor Sydney Herrera

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 10:22-25

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